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Current Consumer Complaints & Investigations
KSVB believes in transparency and lists the names of all companies we are currently investigating for any reason and businesses that have provide poor customer service. We have nothing to hide and will not ambush anyone.

KSVB often accepts investigations from other Air Share stations who do not have the resources to conduct their own investigations. The results of our investigations are shared with other media outlets and many times are republished on the national "news wire" , which is the source for many newspaper and cable TV news and consumer stories. If necessary, investigations are forwarded to the appropriate Local, State, or Federal Agency for action.

Our investigators donate their time and are retired industry professionals, attorneys, and law enforcement personnel. One of our professionals is a retired engineer from the US Department of Energy who specialized in solar power and solar installations. Big Bear is a retirement community and our investigators just love what they are doing. It is their way to give back. The attorney that donates his time is retired from a firm that specializes in class action cases.

If you have something you would like us to investigate, a complaint about any business, or have any questions or information regarding any company we are investigating, please contact us at investigations@ksvbfm.com - all information is kept confidential.

AT&T Mobile (listener complaint)
  • Hidden fees, not disclosed to consumer
  • Failing to notify consumers of policy changes concerning SIM card charges
  • Delaying SMS messages to rival carriers
  • Failing to unlock phone when required
  • STATUS: Evaluating Class Action status and publish results to all news wire, social media, and Internet outlets

Bear Mountain Solar Energy (listener complaint)
  • Not a licensed contractor - representing they were
  • Using anthers Contractors license - violation per CSLB
  • Failure to disclose true system generation capacity
  • Misrepresenting warranty available to consumer
  • Failing to disclose that the solar system can only be maintained by the installer and the end user can not obtain any support from the manufacturer
  • Failing to properly install the solar system
  • Damaging homeowners roof during solar installation
  • Failing to properly size the solar system to the homeowner requirements
  • Refusing to respond to or delaying in response to customer issues
  • Caused solar panels to cease generation for 3+ months
  • STATUS: Completed. Plan multiple on-air reports on this business. Will publish results on all social media and Internet outlets. Will file formal complaint with CSLB against licensee who lent license.

Enphase Energy (based on Bear Mountain Solar investigation)
  • Refuses to provide support to customers to end users of their product
  • One of the worst warranties in the industry
  • Requires consumer to use one for their installers for any support creating unnecessary costs to the consumer
  • Hidden charges to allow homeowner access to the web portal to see system performance and perform system maintenance
  • STATUS: waiting for additional documentation

LYFT (This complaint is being investigated on behalf of a Las Vegas media source)
  • Hidden fees and charges not disclosed to rider
  • Adding airport pick-up/drop-off fees outside the requirements of the local authority
  • Adding airport fees to pickup and drop off NOT at the airport
  • STATUS: waiting for documentation from Las Vegas Airport Authority and Las Vegas Transportation Commission

Far West Industries Home Builders (This complaint is being investigated on behalf of a Palm Springs media source)
  • Sales material mis-representates solar capability
  • No disclosures that the represented solar panel capacity is non-attainable STC ratings (not following industry disclosure practices). By omitting this rating, it implies that what they represented is what the consumer will receive.
  • No disclosure that solar generation is negatively impacted by heat and in Palm Springs, generation will be extremely less that represented.
  • Failure to remediate solar issues
  • Poor/non-responsive customer service
  • One or more lawsuits pending against Far West from homeowners concerning solar
  • Failure to disclose litigation to potential home buyers
  • STATUS: Waiting for more homeowner interviews and documents. Waiting to interview Plaintiff in lawsuit. Waiting for Calif DOR evaluation. May evaluate for class action status. Plan on-air report with Palm Springs and Orange County Air Share partners. Palm Springs Desert Sun newspaper has requested copy of final report. Will publish results on all news wires and all Internet outlets.

LULU California Bistro - Palm Springs (listener complaint)
  • Billboard sign on highway 10 makes unsubstantiated statement as to "Best Brunch in California"
  • Poor service
  • Small portions
  • STATUS: Radio station producer will make unannounced visit and evaluate for on-air, streaming, and Palm Springs Air Share. Publish results on social media.

Midway Home Solutions (Appliances) - Victorville (listener complaint)
  • Poor customer service
  • Pushes their own extended warranty failing to disclose that it is ONLY valid with their service technicians
  • Fail to disclose that a manufacturer extended warranty is available and their extended warranty does not have to be purchased
  • Fail to disclose that if a manufacturer warranty is purchased, the appliance can be repaired by ANY authorized company
  • Support is terrible, does not carry spare parts.
  • Only supports Big Bear every two weeks.
  • Requires first support call to determine issue and them must wait two weeks for next call to bring repair parts.
  • If parts are incorrect or do not fix problem, must wait two more weeks
  • Not good for a defective refrigerator
  • STATUS: Waiting for documentation from SubZero/Wolf and evaluate for on-air, streaming, and Victor Valley Air Share.

PIRCH (Appliances) - Rancho Mirage (listener complaint)
  • Poor or no customer service
  • Pushes their own extended warranty
  • Fail to disclose that a manufacturer extended warranty is available and their extended warranty does not have to be purchased
  • Takes 3-5 days to get service appointment
  • Support department does not return calls
  • STATUS: Waiting for documentation from complaining party and evaluate for on-air, streaming, and Palm Springs Air Share.

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